Mulled Wine & L-Theanine

with extracts of blackcurrant, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon

Since ancient times, people all over the world have been surprised at the genetics of people living in Asian countries. Youthfulness, fresh complexion, good mood – all this is a priority in the modern European world. We have revealed the secret of beauty and “eternal youth” in our Sentastiq functional drink with L-theanine, the most popular amino acid in the East.
It not only has anti-aging properties and reduces the subjective response to stress, but also improves the quality of sleep, protects the body from diseases such as SARS, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

Our non-coffee capsules are compatible with NESPRESSO coffee machines *

* The trade mark is not the property of Sheldonpharma LLC or other persons affiliated with it.

Where can I find Sentastiq functional drinks?

Sentastiq functional drinks can be purchased directly from the manufacturer over the internet.