Tea Mix & Lecithin

with green tea extract and lemongrass essential oil

Need to improve your health? Then Sentastiq with Sunflower Lecithin is made for you. Sunflower lecithin is the structural basis of human cell membranes (membranes), its main building block and nutrient. It consists of spinal tissue, nerve fibers, brain tissue and more than 50% of liver tissue. Sentastiq with sunflower lecithin stimulates the brain, improves mental processes, increases physical and mental activity, improves attention and memory processes, and counteracts the body’s susceptibility to stress.

Our non-coffee capsules are compatible with NESPRESSO coffee machines *

* The trade mark is not the property of Sheldonpharma LLC or other persons affiliated with it.

Where can I find Sentastiq functional drinks?

Sentastiq functional drinks can be purchased directly from the manufacturer over the internet.